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I know, you guys are totally sick of hearing about how blazingly proud I am of my brother, but here he is in all his glory as the Wicked Witch of the West. I'm so proud!

Vienna Teng: Live at Le Poisson Rouge!

So yeah. I went to see Vienna Teng again in the city this weekend. One of the things that was frustrating me about the lead-up to this show is that the venue, Le Poisson Rouge on BLeecker Street, had a really snazzy website with jack shit for information. It is a really great example of how a site can get so overwhelmed with cool little Flash displays that it fails to convey necessary information.

Anyhow, the doors opened at 6:30. I got there about 6:32, and went right in. It seemed that the state was on one side, and there were tables all around. There weren't many seats left by this point, but we got seats. Awesome. I was toward the entrance, close to the stage, and things seemed good.

But things were NOT FUCKING GOOD, my friends, not at all.

As the minutes ticked by, people filed in. Hordes of people. They were standing all around, behind me, in front of me, completely obscuring any view I might have of the stage. Pressing against me. Making me nervous.

The Paper Raincoat opened. They were adorable and talented, what little of them I could see. Ben Sollee followed, and man, this guy oozed talent. He did stuff with a cello I had never previously considered. Vienna Teng hit the stage, and really, she only performed songs from her new album. The thing that struck me was that she prefaced the song "White Light" with the caveat that she thought the song was great but that she lacked the pipes for it. She basically set us up to hate the song. We hated the song.

I see where Vienna was going with her new album, but I'm just not feeling a lot of it. What's good is VERY good. There just feels like there is a lot of filler. I was also sad that she only performed a handful of songs due to time constraints. Truthfully, I couldn't have given a rat's ass about The Paper Raincoat or Ben Sollee. Anyway, it was not as good as the last show, but as always, she is still worthwhile. I'm telling you -- Grandmother Song makes me laugh every damn time I see her do it.

That's all. It's the rush up to finals. Whee.

Another Term Down

Finals are basically done. Another term is down. I only have six terms left, and a term is 10 weeks long. I've gotten a LOT done in a short period of time. I have a hard time on weeks like these. I have so much to catch up on -- housework, mostly, because it's really hard to find time to take a toothbrush to tiles when I am trying to learn to shepardize cases or what the appropriate way to abbreviate case names is. Oy. I feel like I only get to live life about five weeks of the year, when I'm not in school.

On another note, I will be returning to LIONE with the season opener. I am pretty sure that it will be really weird to see Last Guy (as opposed to New Guy), but I can't just keep staying isolated and painfully lonely in New York. I don't know how much LIONE I will play over the next year, but at least for the opener, I'm going. I may find the entire experience entirely too uncomfortable. I don't know. We'll see.
From the Lord (no, really, he looks just like Jesus):


It hurt my soul it was so funny. Thank you, Jesus. <3

Matchmaker, Matchmaker!

I saw two little boys totally hook up their parents.Hearts and stars and all that sappy stuff.Collapse )

Breaking Point

What's been going on and why I just can't deal with my grandmother right now.

Wah wah wah.Collapse )

Vienna Teng! Live in Brooklyn!!

So every once in a while I traipse over to the websites of a few musicians I love to see if they are playing anywhere near me. A couple of weekends ago I was thrilled to discover that Vienna Teng was playing in Brooklyn. Tickets: $15. That was a win for sure.
My night at the show!Collapse )

Writer's Block: AIDS Awareness

It's the 20th anniversary of World AIDS Day today. From clean needles to safe sex, the fight against AIDS has touched everyone's life. How has it affected yours?
Jim was kind of off the wall. A local character. He'd sweet-talk dollars out of people in town, as charming as he was weird. I think every town has a guy like Jim, a fucked up soul with no future, but who, for whatever reason, is liked by neighbors. Jim had prison tattoos from his earlier years as a hellraiser, when he shot up, smoked, and snorted any drug he could find, and he fucked his way across most of New England. But, now closer to 40 than to 30, Jim had settled down, and the worst he'd ever get arrested for was being tipsy in public. Again.

All about Jim.Collapse )

Math Final Grades Posted!

So... I'm a math retard. It's true. Anyone who knows me knows that I suck at math. I fought and scrape for everyone damn point in this class. I cried. I might have considered throwing things, even. But ultimately, I did my very best, and I passed. Thanks to Math Genius Ari for his help. You can see how the funeral really borked my studying though, since I blew the final AND the logarithms test. *sigh* I tried my best, though.Dun dun DUUUUN!Collapse )

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