I'm Not Messing Up...

... I'm Just Practicing a LOT.

15 October 1976
I'll be posting random crap about random crap. That works because I'm a random chick. If you don't think my journal is very groovy, that's fine. Move on. I really don't mind.

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I'm a single lady whose life feels more like Bridget Jones (pre-happy ending) than Sex in the City (post-hot sex). I am a full-time college student preppin' to get into law school. I practice my evil laugh in the mirror because I hear it's a requirement for admission to the bar. Once I graduate and pass said bar exam, I plan to use my superpowers for evil. For now, I use my minor powers for Evil Lite, such as setting idiots on fire with my mind, tormenting the innocent, attending live action roleplay events (because I am THAT MUCH of a dork), and dating up a storm with every insensitive homosexual on the planet. I've found them all. I think it's time for a libidinous straight man to work his way in my direction. But whatever -- until then, I will write drivel like this and foist it on the world.

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I have a motto that you don't have a right to whine about something you do nothing to try to change. I've been called everything from June Cleaver to Evil Incarnate. I think this is because I say "cute" things because I don't really curse. So, "oh my goodness" and "gee" are things I say. I also am "adorably domestic" and "emotionally available"... but I have a deep dark side that really appreciates something that is just WRONG. I do enjoy being dichotomous and that I have a philosophy of offering an equal opportunity to unleash excoriating wit -- or at least, the excoriating wit of my friends, who are far brighter and nastier than I am. So just you watch it!


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